wolverine boots

We make comfortable and enduring footwear, apparel and accessories for the men and women who are building the future.

Wolverine boots wanted a completely new digital platform that could serve all of their needs. We created a new homepage that would serve as a clean and modern marketplace to purchase product, a set of emmersive and rich brand pages to tell their history, highlight their tech innovation and show where the brand is heading.


Role: Art Director / Digial designer


The Tech landing page needed to house all the various innovations from the brand. We wanted to serve this up in the most immersive and interesting ways to really highlight some of these amazing featured technologies.



we created short dynamic animations to tell these bold tech stories.

Our Story

A brand thats been around and a staplemark since 1883 has a rich history that needs to be told.

We wanted to create an experience that would pull the user into its emmersive story telling while highlighting key milestones of the brand.