clean energy trust

Clean Energy Trust launches, funds, and grows early stage clean energy companies in the Midwest - to ensure health and prosperity for future generations.

Clean Energy Trust (CET) is a Chicago-based nonprofit dedicated to the growth of clean energy businesses and technologies throughout the nation. Despite being at the forefront of the industry and boasting a strong reputation, it had little brand awareness outside of its immediate community. That’s when we stepped in to lead an overhaul of CET’s look. We devised a dynamic branding system to authenticate an organization that does the job of ten organizations, and created a logo to serve as a recognizable stamp that communicates their acute attention to innovation.

We debuted the new brand at the clean energy challenge

Role: Creative Director



A dynamic new brand needs a big introduction.


When it came to collateral, we amped up the sophistication without sacrificing the expressiveness of the new branding. Utilizing the established turquoise and yellow as the primary colors. For their marketing materials, we combined duplex, letterpress, and painted edges to create truly elegant and dynamic collateral.


While conceptualizing different ways to encapsulate CET’s multifaceted responsibilities and identities – ranging from a political organization, to an environmental group, to a tech startup and incubator – we developed a visual language of adaptable energy forms. These graphical objects and shapes are fluid, dynamic, and unique enough to embody an organization that works across so many channels. Part elemental, part tech, and never fixed to a single look, the language is as expressive and innovative as the organization itself.


After giving the brand a facelift, we designed and built a site to ensure they stand out digitally as a hub of all things clean energy, both citywide and nationwide. We created a site that stands out among nonprofits, with the state-of-the-art look and feel of a smaller creative company.

The Clean Energy Challenge


The Clean Energy Challenge is a highly revered accelerator for clean energy that has led to over 60 new businesses in the Midwest which have received over 2.2. million in funding from CET. Not surprisingly, its their biggest event of the year. To debut their new branding at the 2015 challenge, we utilized the newly developed visual language and striking brand colors to design the event space. The day was a huge success and countless notable audience members were there to witness the introduction to this new innovative brand.