500 clown

500 Clown is an avant-garde, action-based performance group that needed a new brand—strategy, identity, design system and communications—to help them reach beyond their theater doors and engage with new audiences.

They were looking to diversify their offering to include workshops, content, events and exhibits. They needed a brand that's as dynamic, flexible and unpredictable as they are, inspiring spontaneous acts of unprofessionalism and adventurous experiences in everyday moments.


Role: Art Director

500 Clown Slides_0020_500 Clown_Award Show Entry_052314500 Clown Slides_0020_500 Clown_Award Show Entry_052314
500 Clown Slides_0021_500 Clown_Award Show Entry_052314500 Clown Slides_0021_500 Clown_Award Show Entry_052314
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